Club History

Club History

As a Club we are very proud of our history as the Club dates back about 100 years we wanted to share with you some of the oldest photos that we have of our club.

The first 3 are 1920’s, 4th is 1922, 5th is 1923/4 and finally 1925/6. Players names that we know off are listed below.

Image 1.
Back row l to r: Unknown
Middle row l to r: Unknown
Front row l to r: Evelyn Underwood Gwen Underwood

Image 2 & 3 – unknown

Image 4.
Back row l to r: Ruth Underwood, M Tebbitt, Evelyn Underwood, Gwen Underwood, Emilie Mason
Front row l to r: Unknown, Unknown, Kathleen Underwood, Unknown, Margot Briggs, Nellie Bandy

Image 5.
Back row l to r: Flo Dodsworth (Mrs Muddiman), Hannah Bradshaw (Nee Morgan), Sid Hefford (Umpire), Babs Griffiths, Alice Mason, Kath Haynes (Mrs Busby), May Miller
Back row l to r: Phylis Judge, Winifred Bateman (Mrs Hollis), Lou Facer ( Mrs Barr), Doris Mantle ( Mrs Green), Molly Cullen (Mrs Clarke)

Image 6.
Back row l to r: Gwen Robinson; Molly Cullen (Mrs Clark), Lou Facer ( Mrs Barr), Nellie Bandy (Mrs Frost), Florie Dodsworth (Mrs Muddiman), Mabel Kennell (Mrs Bott)

Middle row l to r: Guta Roff , Evelyn Underwood (Mrs Haygate), Margo Odell ( Mrs Briggs), Babs Griffiths, Edith Collins (Mrs Facer), Doris Mantle (Mrs Green), Ruth Underwood (Mrs Adams) Margery Heygate

Front row l to r: Hannah Bradshaw ( Mrs Morgan), Phylis Judge (Mrs Murray, Molly Elliott, Winifred Bateman (Mrs Hollis), Gwen Underwood (Mrs Ashby), Emily Wooding (Mrs Mason)

Umpire: Sid HeffordIf you knew any of these players or are related we would love to hear more from you?

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